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Ceramic Core

What do our pool shells and an athlete's body have in common?

What do our pool shells and an athlete’s body have in common…core strength.

In the mid 1990’s the Compass R&D team invented a unique method of combining Vinyl Ester resin and Ceramic spheres. Ceramic spheres are incredibly tough, they are chemically inert, and they will not absorb water in any form. Find out how Compass patented ceramic core technology provides core strength and ensures a risk-free purchase underpinned by our industry leading warranties.




Ceramic technology not only doubled the life of a Compass pool, it had created other benefits as well: 

  • Improved impact resistance.
  • Increased panel stiffness without compromising the ability to withstand ground movement.
  • Improvements in consistency with production.


Compass began manufacturing pools in 1980 using established international construction methods.

For more than 30 years, vinyl ester resin has been paramount in the manufacture of Compass pools. Vinyl ester may cost twice as much as polyester resin, but it provides 50 times more resistance to chemically-treated water.

Every Compass pool is also manufactured with the extra strength and performance of fibreglass woven rovings, hand-laid in critical sections of the pool structure. The critical sections include: the coping, the step ledge, and the floor radius.

When looking at a cross section of a Compass pool, the ceramic core is clearly visible. This core is considered to be a world-wide break-through, and is the key that sets Compass apart.It is this core that ensures you are buying the toughest, most durable and most innovative composite in-ground pool in the world.