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Why Compass Pools?

Thanks to innovative technology and design, Compass Pools are recognised across the world for being cleaner, safer, easier to run, more cost effective to own, healthier to swim in and better to look at. Not only that, but a Compass Pool only takes around 5-10 days to install in your back yard - no tradesmen working at your home for weeks or months.


For over thirty years, Compass having been pushing the boundaries with innovative technology ... here’s why choosing a Compass Pool is a safer investment.

Easier to maintain and run - A Compass pool with Vantage gives you a low effort option for keeping your pool healthy and clean. Take the hard work out of maintaining your pool water and enjoy your pool instead!


A stronger pool

– Only Compass can offer you the added peace of mind that comes with our patented Ceramic Composite technology. It’s this technology which enables us to offer a lifetime structural warranty on our pools.


A better looking pool

– Only Compass can offer access to our unique Bi-luminite pool surface. This creates an unmatched 3D effect which makes our pools look so impressive. And only Compass can provide added cosmetic protection with our ArmourShield™ technology.


More attractive to future buyers

- Compass offer the added benefit of having a completely automated cleaning system – Real Estate Agents highlight the benefits of Vantage when selling to prospective buyers.


Compass Pools has a solution for every type of site and for all conditions

Standard fibreglass pools are built with mostly polyester resin. A Compass ceramic pool isn’t a standard fibreglass pool. A Compass ceramic pool is built with mostly Vinyl Ester resin, which is 50 times more resistant to chemically treated water. The Compass EVEC 300 pool is what we recommend for most sites.

This pool combines our super tough ceramic core with super resistant vinyl ester resin- a world wide success story in fibreglass composite pool design for more than 15 years. The Compass EVEC 500 pool is ideal for sites with extreme conditions. This pool with full vinyl ester resin construction and an additional layer of hand-laid woven rovings across the walls and floor, gives maximum strength, chemical resistance, and water proofing protection. Difficult and Sloping Site solutions are available.

We proudly won the Australian Design Award for self supporting one piece fibreglass pools, making it possible for everyday application. Our state-of-the-art Maxi Rib technology allows you to install your EVEC 300 or EVEC 500 pool just about anywhere.


Super Tough Ceramic Core

The Compass Ceramic Core is composed of ceramic spheres called micro cells and like the ceramic tiles on a space shuttle, these tiny spheres have some truly astonishing characteristics and qualities.


Vantage Cleaning and Circulation

No robot cleaners all tangled up, no heavy suction cleaners to bother with – and your pool always looks like they do in the magazines.


Bi-Luminite and Armourshield

Our exclusive Bi-luminite™ layering process creates a 3D effect which enhances your pool water colour.