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Pools for Difficult Sites

Do you live on a sloping site?

Want your pool installed above ground?

A compass pool can be installed almost anywhere!


Thanks to our innovative Maxi Rib technology, a Compass Pool can be installed on almost any site. Maxi Rib technology means your Compass Ceramic Fibreglass pool can be installed above ground. It provides the necessary support for your pool shell in any situation. Compass Pools Sydney have been pioneering Maxi Rib technology and have installed hundreds of pools on difficult/sloping sites. The possibilities are endless.

What is Maxi Rib technology?

The Maxi Rib system is a unique technology which is only available with Compass Pools. Essentially we use a rib-like structure to provide the necessary support to enable the pool to be installed above ground on a concrete platform or on prepared natural ground. This means that sloping or difficult sites can easily be catered for.

A Maxi Rib could help you to save thousands of dollars.

Typically installing swimming pools on sloping sites is fraught with difficulty and added engineering expenses. The invention of Maxi Rib has meant that Compass Pools can offer a relatively straight forward solution. Because Maxi Rib pools have been installed on many different sites we know exactly what to do to make your pool project simple to manage and cost effective. More attractive to future buyers - Compass offer the added benefit of having a completely automated cleaning system – Real Estate Agents highlight the benefits of Vantage when selling to prospective buyers.