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The Compass LOGIC System

Save on power and swim in healthier water!

Introducing the latest way to improve water circulation and reduce the power needed to keep your pool water healthy.

For many years, pools have been built using the same means of water circulation. In a standard pool, water is sucked away through the skimmer box, it then goes through a filter and is returned fresh to the other end of the pool through eyeball return fittings.

Whilst this system does circulate some water during its run cycle, it does have one fundamental flaw: most of the circulation occurs in the top 30cm of water. The deeper water remains under-circulated and more susceptible to grow algae.

Compass Pools have developed a better way to keep your pool water healthy and your running costs low. We call this system LOGIC and it is exclusive to the Compass Dealer network.


Logic will reduce the amount of electricity you use in your pool

The added circulation created by the two wall drains and the three swing jet returns means that you can use an energy efficient pump without sacrificing water health. These days more people are turning toward energy efficient pumps to reduce electricity consumption when running their swimming pools. The problem however, is that there is a trade-off between water circulation and energy use.

By adding LOGIC, the pool pump is able to maintain proper circulation even when running at low speeds. So, when you have a Compass LOGIC pool you get the benefits of healthier water and lower running costs.

Logic greatly improves the health of your pool water.

A standard pool removes water from the pool using a surface skimmer only. A Compass LOGIC pool removes water using a skimmer as well as two drains which are positioned at the bottom of the wall in the deep end of your pool. These drains create added circulation in the deepest areas - where algae is most likely to grow.


* Projected cost savings based on Compass LOGIC pool with energy C330 pump compared to a standard pool with a 1.5hp equivalent pump. Minimum 6 hours running time required for proper operation of salt chlorinator.

Standard Pool Without Logic

A standard pool removes water from the pool using a surface skimmer, and returns water to the surface of the pool only.


Compass Pool With Logic

A Compass LOGIC pool removes water from your pool using a skimmer as well as two wall drains, and returns water via swing jets to all areas of your pool.