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Our Secret Weapon - Vantage

self-cleaning-videoVantage Self-Cleaning Pool System
How this little nozzle will change your life

The number one reason that pool owners give for NOT wanting a swimming pool, is the time and cost of pool maintenance. Pool maintenance includes vacuuming the pool to remove leaves and keeping the water clean, healthy and free of algae.

Only an in-floor system automatically cleans the pool, without the use of vacuum cleaners, and keeps the water perfectly circulated, clean and healthy. The secret to our exclusive Vantage in-floor system is a series of flush-mounted floor nozzles. Click here to find out more about the Vantage Self-Cleaning Pool System




  • You can see and feel the difference of a Compass Vantage pool!!

    For everyone, pools are a great source of fun. They are wonderfully relaxing and perfect for low impact healthy exercise. And for some, cleaning the pool is part of the fun. For everyone else, the Compass Vantage pool cleans itself.

    1. A series of strategically located unobtrusive nozzles are flush-mounted in your pool floor.
    2. In a carefully orchestrated, automatically regulated, and completely silent sequence, each rotating nozzle pops up in turn.
    3. Throughout the sequence, powerful streams of freshly filtered water push dirt and debris into the Vantage collection zone.
    4. A fixed nozzle then pushes the dirt and debris into the main drain where it is collected in the debris canister.
  • Vantage makes it easy to swim in a cleaner, healthier pool

    want-a-self-cleaning-poolWater needs to flow. Water must flow. In its natural state, water is constantly moving. When it stops it stagnates and becomes contaminated with algae and bacteria. Like a mount stream, a Compass Vantage system regularly circulates and constantly refreshes the water in your pool.

    The sun 'burns off' your vital and valuable pool chemicals. Unlike conventional pool circulation systems, the Vantage system circulates your pool from bottom to top. All of the layers of the pool water are penetrated, eliminating 'dead spots' where algae and bacteria grow. With Vantage you make dramatic savings on chemical usage while enjoying a cleaner, healthier pool.



    secret-inefficientIn a traditional pool, water is poorly circulated. This leaves your pool with cold spots and a place for algae and bacteria to grow
    secret-compass-vantageEffective water circulation makes your pool safer, warmer, cleaner and healthier
  • For some, cleaning a pool is part of the fun. For everyone else, the Compass Vantage pool cleans itself.

    this-or-thisThe most popular cleaning systems used in backyard swimming pools today are 1) suction cleaners, 2) robotic cleaners, and 3) in-floor cleaning systems. When comparing these 3 types of cleaning systems, there are a number of important measures, beyond the obvious ability to clean your pool.


    vantage-precious-timeYOUR TIME

    How much of your precious TIME does it take to operate each system properly?

    Suction cleaners and robotic cleaners are best described as semi-automatic cleaning systems. Once YOU have unpacked them from their hiding place, they need to be positioned in the pool and either connected to a suction point (suction cleaners) or connected to a power point (robotic cleaners). To unpack, install, and then remove your semiautomatic cleaning system will take at least 20 minutes of your precious TIME on each occasion. During summer, when you’re using your pool the most, this can be a daily task. In-floor cleaning systems are the only truly automatic cleaning systems, because they are permanently installed, and operate automatically on a daily basis.




    vantage-running-costsHow much of your hard-earned MONEY does it take to operate each system properly?

    Pool running costs include electricity to run the various pumps, and chemicals to balance and sanitise the water. So it only makes sense to consider both costs when comparing the 3 types of cleaning systems. As each cleaning system operates differently, we have based electricity costs on achieving a standard turnover rate of pool water. It is generally accepted that pool water should be turned over twice a day to achieve good filtration.

    Having worked out the electricity costs, we then need to consider the chemical costs, once again this varies with each type of cleaning system. Only the in-floor cleaning system sucks water from both the surface (skimmer box) and the floor (main drain) and returns freshly sanitised water to the floor (in-floor nozzles) to achieve top-tobottom circulation. This results in more effective sanitisation of the pool water with up to 50% less chemical costs.