Gerard was very nice to provide us with the client satisfaction report where he indicated that Compass Pools Sydney were knowledgeable and helpful from the beginning to the end of the pool project. The sales team were honest and well presented. Gerard was also satisfied with the pool planning and approval process and the service from Compass Pools Sydney office staff.

We also got 5 stars for all the parts of the construction process including the communication throughout the whole project, keeping the site neat and tidy, subcontractors used and quality of workmanship. Gerard recommends Compass Pools Sydney to friends and colleagues.

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
Gerard MGladesville NSW

Love my pool

Best thing I’ve spend money on. Great company to deal with. Friendly and helpful at Compass Pools Sydney.

In the summer we used our pool daily, the kids just love to swim, even though they are teenagers. Very easy to maintain our pool. Doesn’t seem to get very dirty at all.

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
Glen OsborneSydney Surrounds NSW

Wonderful Experience

We finally pushed the button at the start of May this year after 6 years of sitting on the fence about a pool. We’d done a lot of research (probably too much) and were very nervous about the cost and the process of installing a pool as there are so many horrible stories out there. We knew 3 people who had used Compass and were very happy with both the process and the end result. Despite this we were still very hesitant and nervous.

Not even 2 months on and I can tell you Compass Pools-Sydney are amazing. The entire process from Planning through to excavation and install was fantastic. We had difficult access but Compass found a way and it was all amazingly smooth. I still cannot believe what an enjoyable process it has been and I would have no hesitation in recommending Compass Sydney.

We have the self cleaning system and we have a lot of tree cover and it just keeps the pool looking sparkling every day. It really has amazed us with how well the system works.

We would like to thank everyone from Paul and Simone to Troy and his team, Todd the electrician, Mick and we are now enjoying working with Marty from Growing Green on the Landscaping.

Now if only it were Summer and we could swim every day !

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
TWSydney, NSW

My Pool Changed My Life

You see, B.P. (Before Pool), we were always getting out of the house to find something fun to do elsewhere and on hot days we simply had to leave to escape the heat. On top of that, our kids never wanted play dates at our house – the friend with the pool was always the preferred choice. Now, A.P. (After Pool), we’re spending afternoons and weekends at home, by the pool, and the days seem longer, brighter and better. I think I’m even looking younger (just kidding… that’s the chlorine talking… maybe just a few less lines?).

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Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
LanaSydney NSW

We can’t keep the kids out! Being so close to our house meant we wanted a pool that always looks clean, with no ugly creepy crawling in it. It’s a water feature as well as hours of entertainment for our children. The cleaning system is better than be could have hoped for. The pool is pristine clean and always looks great. Very happy with our Compass Pool.

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
AmySydney NSW

The Best & More! Our pool was completed early April 19 and whilst we haven’t had any swimming time as yet the whole construction experience was amazing. All trades involved were friendly/efficient and a pleasure to have around our home. We opted for the full self cleaning as we have large gum trees and I must admit that I was skeptical as to the claims – I was wrong – haven’t even had to unwrap the vacuum hose and the pool is incredibly clean. I congratulate the whole team at Compass for far exceeding our expectations.

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
D and JSydney NSW

From start to finish I trusted the team at Compass Pools. Even under difficult circumstances they produced the highest quality of work. Can’t recommend them high enough. Troy and the excavation team went above and beyond. Thanks so much.

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
MartinSydney NSW

It’s a real social hub for our family and I’m sure adds value to our home. I’m still fine-tuning a little but the Vantage system is absolutely brilliant. This must be as close to a maintenance-free pool as you can get.

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
David ByrneSydney NSW

When we told friends and family that we were thinking of getting a pool, one of the many things people said was “you’ll regret it and it will be too costly to maintain”. We have never owned a pool before and these comments got us thinking more about the type of pool we wanted that would suit our busy lifestyle and budget.

Compass Pools Sydney were very patient with us every step of the way and they took us through various options. Not only did they help us decide on the options we would want and need, but they also helped us identify options that we don’t necessarily need and advised us against it.

Compass Pools were very helpful in assisting us budget for other aspects of the project such as landscaping, excavation, installation and pool automation. We can literally say that we got a pool that looks after itself with minimal interaction needed. I mean reading an LCD screen that tells you that the Chlorine and PH Levels are ok, well that’s our kind of pool. We spend our leisure time enjoying our pool rather than maintaining it. We have no problem recommending Compass Pools to friends and family.

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
SerkanSydney NSW

Thank you so much for such a wonderful pool and an experience we enjoyed from start to finish.

Compass Pools Sydney 5 star review
Fiona WalshSydney NSW